Notymenow -- I exist!, good 2k17...
Strider Sombra -- Indeed! Happy 2017, everyone!
Strider Chen -- You too! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and holiday season, and will have a happy New Year's!
Strider Sombra -- Hope everyone got a great Christmas here! smile.gif
Strider Sombra -- More fuel for the fire! It seems Capcom JP tweeted a recruitment artwork back in March 2016 including Hiryu with MK copyright included (despite being in a veery tiny spot in the background) So perhaps Capcom has the rights handy for most of 2016. The plot thickens!
Strider Sombra -- Well, this could be nothing...but 4gamer articles all list Moto Kikaku in the copyright line. Honest mistake? Slip-up? Let's hope!
Strider Ichiban -- Only time will tell. smile.gif
Strider Ichiban -- Could Strider be in the newly announced Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite?
Lepa -- It's that time of year again
Strider Sombra -- Happy birthday from here as well, Noty!